Outreach Strategy

ReSDA will stress the transfer of knowledge gained from its activities to users. It will put in place an outreach strategy that concentrates on the dissemination of information to northern communities, but will also place Canadian researchers in a position to collaborate with others at the forefront of international research on resource development. The plan will be organized around three main audiences: northern communities, policy makers and industry, and the research community.

ReSDA workshop 2012 at the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre

ReSDA workshop 2012 at the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre

Outreach to northern communities


National and regional partner/stakeholder workshops – held annually, these workshops will involve both the stakeholders and the public, and will be organized in a similar way as the Community Research Workshops. This will allow those involved in the projects to collaborate with one another, as well as receive comments and validation from the community.

Subproject Community Research Workshops – as previously mentioned, these workshops allow researchers to present their work to community members, and in return receive comments and validation.

Plain language newsletters – will be sent to all partners and stakeholders. Each of the subprojects will be expected to contribute to the regular ReSDA newletter. These are available to the public and can be accessed on our web-site (NEWSLETTERS)

Learning materials – in conjunction with the University of the Arctic, ReSDA will produce a set of materials related to resource development for the purposes of education and training.

Community library distribution – all of ReSDA’s printed material will be sent to all northern community libraries in the region.

Documentary films – with the help of the research team leaders, a documentary series will be created to feature each of the research themes in four one-hour segments. These will then be sent to schools and libraries in northern communities.

Outreach to policy makers and industry

Special workshops for government policy makers – an annual workshop will be held specifically for policy makers and industry representatives in order to emphasize the policy implications of the research being done.

Policy relevant research reports – starting in the fourth year of the project, ReSDA will create a number of reports that detail the policy implications of the research results. These will be distributed specifically to government and industry stakeholders, as well as made available to the public on the web-site.

Outreach to the research community

  • Peer-reviewed journal articles – will be produced by each subproject, in addition to a series of general summary articles.
  • ReSDA Research Report Series – synthesize the results of the subprojects and then be peer-reviewed. These volumes will also be available on the website.
  • Edited Summary Volumes – in year four of the project, the first volume summarizing the research results will be published. A second will also be published in the seventh year.