Plain Language

We have summarized some of our reports in plain, easy-to read language.  The following are the summaries from the Gap analysis research. You can download by each topic or you can download the combined file with all the gap analysis summaries.

Gap Analyses:

ReSDA Gap Analysis Summaries English (pdf)
ReSDA Gap Analysis Summaries Inuktitut (pdf)
ReSDA Gap Analysis Summaries French (pdf)

Gap Analysis Summary 1: History and Historiography of Natural Resource Development in the Yukon by Ken Coates

1 cover -Ken Coats

Gap Analysis Summary 2a: Impacts of Resource Development on Indigenous Communities in Alaska and Greenland   by Peter Schweitzer






Gap Analysis Summary 2b: Mining Development in Northern Canada by Thierry Rodon

Gap Analysis Summary 3: Measurements of Social and Economic Impacts of Resource Developments by Andrey Petrov

Gap Analysis Summary 4  Resource Revenue Regimes around the Circumpolar North.  by Lee Huskey and Chris Southcott

4 Cover Huskey Gap Summary






Gap Analysis Summary 5   Northern Environmental Assessment: A Gap Analysis and Research Agenda by Bram Noble

5 cover -Bram

Gap Analysis Summary 6: Regional Economic Development: Approaches and Analyses. by Frances Abele


Gap Analysis Summary 7: Resource Development  and Wellbeing in Northern Canada: Myth or Opportunity by Brenda Parlee

7 cover -Brenda

Gap Analysis Summary 9  Review of IBA Literature and Analysis of Gaps in Knowledge by Benjamin Bradshaw

Gap Analysis Summary 10: Comprehensive land claims and resource development by David Natcher

Gap Analysis Summary 11: Traditional Knowledge and Resource Development  by Henry Huntington

Gap Analysis Summary 12: Managing Development? Knowledge, Sustainability and the Environmental Legacies of Resource Development in Northern Canada by Arn Keeling & John Sandlos

12 cover -Arn

Gap Analysis Summary 13: Resource Developments and Climate Change by Chris Southcott







Gap Analysis Summary 14: Gender in Research on Northern Resource Development  by Suzanne Mills, Martha Dowsley and Emilie Cameron14 Mills Gap Summary cover