Gap Analysis 11

Traditional Knowledge and Resource Development


UPDATED: Traditional Knowledge and Resource Development (pdf)

Community or traditional knowledge and economic decision-making, and what the past and current roles of community or traditional knowledge are in resource development decision-making.

Lead researcher: Henry Huntington, Huntington Consulting, Eagle River,  AK (

This gap analysis will study the inclusion of traditional knowledge in Arctic research and policy. Priority research questions include:

  • How has traditional knowledge influenced resource development in the Arctic?
  • What is the role of power relations in determining if and how traditional knowledge influences decision outcomes?
  • How do holders of traditional knowledge view their experiences in influencing resource development?
  • What infrastructure is needed, and what is available, to support the wider engagement of traditional knowledge?
  • How do indigenous proponents of the use of traditional knowledge view progress to date?
  • How well-suited is traditional knowledge for resource development decision-making?

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