Gap Analysis 2

Impacts of Resource Developments on Northern Communities

Lead researchers:
Peter Schweitzer, University of Alaska Fairbanks ( and
Thierry Rodon, Université Laval (

The work that has been done to outline the impacts of resource development on northern communities.  There are 2 parts based on the regions examined. Schweitzer et al did a review for Alaska, Greenland and Russia and Rodon did a review of northern regions in Canada.

A.  Alaska, Greenland and Russia

Updated: Updated: Impacts of Resource Development on Indigenous Communities in Alaska and Greenland (pdf)

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Team members:

Cecilie Ebson, University of Alaska Fairbanks;
Florian Stammler, University of Lapland
Aytalina Ivanova

Irina Litvina

Three main themes resulting from this gap analysis are: human mobility; formal and informal economic impacts; and subsistence and cultural values. These three themes deal with, respectively, issues around: commute and fly-in/fly-out workers; the links between and impacts on both the formal (market) economy and the informal (subsistence-based) economy; and the impacts of changes in subsistence on cultural values.

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Priorities Summary

B.  Northern Canada – Aboriginal communities and mining development in northern Canada:
issues and research gaps
Thierry Rodon

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Final Report: Mining Development in Canada (PDF)

The impact of resource development on Aboriginal communities has been little studies; this gap analysis will look at the issues and research needs surrounding northern resource development with respect to Aboriginal communities.

Team Members:

Josianne Grenier,Université Laval
Francis Lévesque,Université Laval
Julien Keller, Université Laval

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