Gap Analysis 5

Social, Economic, and Environmental Impact Assessments

UPDATED: Northern Environmental Assessment: A Gap Analysis and Research Agenda (pdf)

There is also a recent publication on this material in Arctic Vol. 68. No. 3 (2015) entitled
Environmental Assessment in the Arctic: A Gap Analysis and Research Agenda

by Bram Noble and  Kevin Hanna

This review describes how assessment regimes vary across jurisdictions and the work that has been done to analyze the impacts of these assessment regimes.

Lead researcher: Bram Noble, University of Saskatchewan (

Team members: Kevin Hanna, Wilfrid Laurier University; Jill Gunn, University of Saskatchewan; Ayodle Olangunju, student researcher, University of Saskatchewan

Plain Language Summary

This gap analysis will consist of three parts: an examination of the variation in environmental assessment across the North; a synthesis of work that has been done to analyze the ‘impacts’ of such assessment regimes; and an identification of key gaps in research that must be addressed.

Draft outline
Priorities summary