The ReSDA Team

ReSDA Is governed by a Network Steering Committee composed of 11 voting members.  This includes the Principal Investigator, the other three Theme coordinators, on of the ReSDA researchers and 5 representatives of the partner institutions representing the 5 regions of the Canadian North as well as one other partner. More details on the Steering committee structure at Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee is assisted by the Network Management Committee composed of the PI and 3 Theme coordinators and the ReSDA coordinator.  This committee deals with the day to day management of the ReSDA network.  Management Committee

The intention of ReSDA is to establish coordinators in each of the northern regions that are represented in the network to facilitate and communicate the activities of ReSDA. The overall network coordinator is based at the Yukon Research Centre of Yukon College.  Coordinators

Research Partners and Collaborators

A central component of the ReSDA program operations is the wide scope of researchers and institutions involved. ReSDA is the largest social science research project every proposed for the Circumpolar North. There are 51 researchers at 29 universities in 9 countries that signed on to be part of this comprehensive research network. This brings together experiences and knowledge from a wide range of disciplines and countries. With representatives from around the Circumpolar North, including the United States, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Greenland, Iceland and Russia, researchers will have the opportunity to share information and compare results. As research projects develop, this will contribute to a more well-rounded understanding of the Arctic context.

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Map showing locations of current partners and participating institutions.

Full list of ReSDA Researchers and affiliations

ReSDA Partners