The ReSDA network involves a number of co-investigators that will be developing and conducting research projects as part of the program. This website will serve as one mechanism for ReSDA to keep everyone informed about the research, activities and other events of this network. It is one way that we plan to share information and connect with our community partners. We appreciate any input you might want to provide or questions you may have about this network and the research. Click here for contact information.


  1. Aarsaether, Nils             University of Tromso, Norway
  2. Abele, Frances                Carleton University
  3. Adamowicz, Wiktor       University of Alberta
  4. Beaulieu, Michel             Lakehead University
  5. Berger, Paul                      Lakehead University
  6. Berman, Matthew          University of Alaska Anchorage
  7. Bradshaw, Benjamin     University of Guelph
  8. Caine, Ken                         University of Alberta
  9. Cameron, Emilie             Carleton University
  10. Chatwood, Susan           Institute for Circumpolar Health Research
  11. Christensen, Julia           Roskilde University
  12. Coates, Ken                      University of Saskatchewan
  13. Collings, Peter                 University of Florida
  14. Dowsley, Martha            Lakehead University
  15. Duhaime, Gerard            Université Laval
  16. Espiritu, Aileen               Barents Institute, Norway
  17. Fondahl, Gail                   University of Northern British Columbia
  18. Ford, James                      McGill University
  19. Freeman, Lisa                 Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  20. Furgal, Chris                   Trent University
  21. Gibson, Virginia             University of British Columbia
  22. Harpelle, Ron                 Lakehead University
  23. Heininen, Lassi              University of Lapland, Finland
  24. Heleniak, Tim                 Nordregio
  25. Hesseln, Hayley             University of Saskatchewan
  26. Hodgkins, Andrew        Grant MacEwan University
  27. Holzlehner, Tobias        Martin Luther Universität Halle-Wittenberg
  28. Huntington, Henry        Science Director, Arctic Program; PEW Environmental Group
  29. Huskey, Lee                    University of Alaska Anchorage
  30. Johnston, Margaret      Lakehead University
  31. Keeling, Arn                    Memorial University
  32. Keske, Catherine           Memorial University – Grenfell Campus
  33. Lackenbauer, Whitney University of Waterloo
  34. Lemelin, Harvey             Lakehead University
  35. Loukacheva, Natalia     University of Northern British Columbia
  36. Martin, Stephanie         University of Alaska Anchorage
  37. Martin, Thibault            Université de Québec en Outaouais
  38. Mills, Suzanne                McMaster University
  39. Natcher, David              University of Saskatchewan
  40. Noble, Bram                   University of Saskatchewan
  41. Nuttall, Mark                 University of Alberta
  42. Nymand Larsen, Joan  Stefansson Arctic Institute and University of Akureyri, Akureyri, Iceland
  43. Parlee, Brenda               University of Alberta
  44. Petrov, Andrey              University of Northern Iowa
  45. Poelzer, Greg                   University of Saskatchewan
  46. Poppel, Birger                IIlisimatusarfik – University of Greenland
  47. Riabova, Larisa             Kola Science Centre, Russia
  48. Rodon, Thierry              Université Laval
  49. Rouillard, Remy            McGill University
  50. Sandlos, John                 Memorial University
  51. Saxinger, Gertrude       University of Vienna
  52. Schott, Stephan            Carleton University
  53. Schweitzer, Peter          University of Vienna
  54. Simmons, Deborah      University of Manitoba
  55. Smith, Peggy                  Lakehead University
  56. Southcott, Chris            Lakehead University
  57. Stammler, Florian        University of Lapland, Finland
  58. Westerlund, Olle          Umea University, Sweden
  59. Wichmann, Bruno        University of Alberta
  60. Wilson, Gary                  University of Northern British Columbia
  61. Young, T Kue                 University of Alberta