Chris Southcott

Professor, Department of Sociology, Lakehead University

ReSDA Research Director and Theme 2 Coordinator – Sustainable Communities

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The research director for ReSDA is Chris Southcott. Raised in Northern Canada, he has been involved in community-based research in the Circumpolar North for almost 25 years. During these years he has published over 80 scientific reports, books, book chapters, and articles dealing with social and economic change in Northern Canada and the rest of the circumpolar world. Recently he co-edited the first ever work to analyze the effects of globalization on Arctic communities (Heininen and Southcott, 2010) and the first ever work on migration in the Circumpolar North (Huskey and Southcott, 2010). In 2009 he was asked by the Northern Development Minister’s Forum to write their major report on the changing economies of the North (Southcott and Irlbacher-Fox, 2009).

Over the past 10 years he has led several major Canadian and international research initiatives dealing with social and economic development in northern regions. In 2001 and 2002 he successfully led a team of 12 international social scientists in the first attempt to produce circumpolar social science curriculum material for the University of the Arctic. In 2004 he was chosen to be the lead author for the International Conference on Arctic Research Planning’s Report on Research Outreach (Science Plan 11). In 2006 he was awarded a major SSHRC grant involving 35 researchers and 20 community partners to examine ways that community-based organizations in Northern Canada could better ensure sustainable development in the region. This led to the establishment of the Social Economy Research Network for Northern Canada for which he currently serves as Chair and Research Director. Also in 2006 he was awarded a grant to lead Canadian participation in the European Science Foundation-lead Boreas project dealing with migration in the Circumpolar North. Since 2005 he has been Chair of the University of the Arctic’s Research Outreach program. In 2009 he was chosen by UNESCO to represent Canadian social science in their International Experts project on Sustainable Development and Climate Change in the Arctic.

Interview with Chris Southcott: What is ReSDA? Watch here.

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