David Muddiman

David MuddimanBiography
David was born and raised in Oakville, Ontario. One of his first ventures out of the Toronto suburbs was on a family winter vacation to the Northwest Territories. This chilly adventure made a lasting impression, planting the seed for an abiding interest in Canada’s north that would continue for many years.

David pursued an undergraduate degree in political studies at Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario. At Queen’s he was heavily involved in organizing and participating in Model Parliament, Model United Nations, and Model NATO conferences. After completing his degree in 2010 David took some time to travel, which included his second visit to the north, this time on a road trip from Ontario to the Yukon and Alaska in a rusty-yet-resilient minivan. After backpacking from New Zealand to Australia to India to Turkey followed by a season of treeplanting in interior British Columbia, David decided to once again hit the books, moving to Ottawa to pursue a Master of Arts in Public Administration at Carleton University.

It was during David’s graduate studies at Carleton where he found a productive application for his interest in the north, focusing his research on northern and Arctic policy. Under the Innovation, Science, and Environment policy research stream, David studied several issues pertaining to the north, including oil and gas regulation in Nunavut and Greenland, the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency, Arctic science policy, the Baffinland Mary River project, and water policy in the Northwest Territories. Also during his time at Carleton he worked at Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, where he conducted research for the northern land use planning program. In 2013 he completed his degree and soon after David joined the federal public service as a policy analyst for Environment Canada.

Since joining Environment Canada, David has worked on a growing range of files, from supporting Canada’s international engagement on environmental issues with countries such as China and India to federal science and technology policy. With Environment Canada’s Science & Technology Branch , he has continued to follow northern policy issues chiefly through a science policy lens.

In 2010, David completed his undergraduate degree in political studies with honours at Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario. In 2013, he completed a Master of Arts in Public Administration at Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario

ReSDA Research
David is working with ReSDA Theme Leader, Frances Abele, on Gap Analysis 6 that looks at regional economic development.  More specifically, the report is researching economic development in the circumpolar world as it helps us understand the economic dynamics and prospects of northern regions.  See more here.

Contact information:
David Muddiman
S&T Policy Analyst
UniversityScience & Technology Branch, Environment Canada
E-mail: David.Muddiman@ec.gc.ca