Kiri Staples

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I was born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon. After completing a Bachelor of Arts in International Development Studies at Trent University, I continued my education at the University of Saskatchewan. I am currently finishing a Masters of Environment and Sustainability at the U. of S. My thesis focuses on gender and decision-making in natural resource co-management in the Yukon. I have been fortunate to find a project that has allowed me to pursue both academic and personal interests in a region that is extremely important to me. Having worked with women’s rights organizations in Canada and Ghana, I am interested in the different roles that women play in their communities. At the same time, I grew up exploring the Yukon’s natural environment, and that continues to be a central part of my life. The way in which my research has brought these areas together has been both interesting and exciting for me. In the future, I hope to continue working with northern communities in the field of resource development, management, and conservation.

Kiri graduated from the School of Environment and Sustainability at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon in Fall 2014.  She is still weighing her options in terms of post-graduation plans, but in the short term she hope to find a job in resource management/development, consulting, or research.

Read Kiri’s Masters thesis here.

Other publications: Staples, Kiri, Manuel Chávez-Ortiz, M.J. Barrett and Douglas A. Clark. 2013. Fixing Land Use Planning in the Yukon Before It Really Breaks: A Case Study of the Peel Watershed. The Northern Review 37 (Fall 2013). Available online

ReSDA Research
You can read more about Kiri’s ReSDA project on the project page here.

Contact Information:
Kiri Staples
MA Candidate
University of Saskatchewan