Cynthia Amati

Cynthia Amati began her undergraduate study in sociology in Nairobi, Kenya. She later graduated from Central Washington University (Ellensburg, Washington) with MSc Environmental Resource Management. She is currently a PhD Candidate of Environmental Sociology at the University of Alberta, Edmonton.

Cynthia is currently completing her pioneering doctoral research at the University of Alberta titled “Global Citizenship in the Arctic” in which she explores social adaptation to economic uncertainty in the Northwest Territories of Canada. This is the first research in the territories to focus on patterns and networks of adaptation among newly settled transnational households in this resource-based region.

After graduation, Cynthia is interested in global environmental policy analysis and perhaps working with federal governments on social and environmental impact assessments.

Associated ReSDA projects:

-Lead, Global Citizenship in the Arctic

Contact information:
Cynthia Amati
PhD candidate
University of Alberta