Project Objectives

The main objective of the program is to create a network of university and college-based researchers and representatives of community-based organizations, operating as partners, to conduct research relevant to the social economy in Canada's North. In addition, the overarching objectives of the program are to support research, and help mobilize new knowledge that will:

  • Help develop social economy capacity in Northern communities;
  • Contribute to defining policies by evaluating government policies and programs applicable to the social economy;
  • Improve the performance of organizations and enterprises in areas that are important to the social economy in Canada's North;
  • Demonstrate through, for example inventories, statistics , comparative analyses the actual and potential contribution of the social economy to the various sectors of the economy of Canada's North;
  • Contribute to a Northern perspective on debates relating to sustainable development;
  • Develop Northern Canada's international contribution to, and visibility in, areas relevant to the social economy, and
  • Ensure the development of research capacity and the training of Northern students in the area of the social economy through their participation in research projects and through the development of curricula.

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