Labrador Symposium on the Social Economy

Labrador Symposium on the Social Economy
March 4-5, 2011
Hotel North, Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador

Over the past four years, the Social Economy Research Network of Northern Canada (SERNNoCa) has been engaged in an exciting research collaboration with universities, northern colleges, community organizations and students to examine the social economy in Northern Canada. As part of these activities we hosted a Labrador Symposium on the Social Economy in order to share research information and hear from social economy organizations. Building sustainable, vibrant communities is the result of careful planning with information and resources that supports their development. We examined how the social economy currently addresses the pressing social and economic issues facing Labrador communities and how it might be applied further to assist these communities.

We would like to thank everyone who attended the event and provided their views and insights on the social economy. The presentations featured information sharing by the researchers and those who work daily in the sector. This included the views and ideas as well as some of the research activities that have been happening in Labrador. The input and suggestions are valuable contributions to creating a complete understanding of the social economy and finding effective ways to build and support this sector. The discussions combined presentations of some of the research of SERNNoCa and our national partners and also a panel discussion involving social economy organizations. There were also be small group discussions paired with larger plenary sessions to develop recommendations to take forward for future action, research requirements and to various levels of government. We want to look at best practices and ways that organizations are able to continue and build their operations.

Symposium Details

Travel Subsidy - We are able to provide some travel support for participants from outside the upper Lake Melville area. Those traveling from southeastern Labrador, the Labrador Straits and Western Labrador are encouraged to consider vehicle pooling if driving to the event. . – for more information and to request a travel subsidy please contact

Accommodation - A block of rooms has been designated for Symposium guests at Hotel North with a special rate of $129 plus taxes. Please make your own room booking directly by calling 1-877-996-9301 or by email to: - Reference “Labrador Symposium on the Social Economy. You must book your accommodation by February 25, 2011.

Labrador Symposium Agenda

Abstracts of Symposium presentations

Presentations (Audio and Powerpoint)

Friday March 4th, 2011
Welcome, Introductions and Opening remarks - Ivan Emke, Grenfell Campus Memorial University and Keith Chaulk, Labrador Institute

The Social Economy - Overview

The Diversity of the Social Economy - Labrador Experiences (Panel)

Labrador Friendship Centre - Stan Oliver Audio File
Them Days Inc. - Aimee Chaulk  Powerpoint slides - Audio File
Hope Haven and EEM Inc. - Marsha Power Slade Powerpoint presentation - Audio File
Rigolet Women's Shelter, Kirkina House - Charlotte Wolfrey - Audio File
SmartLabrador - Sheila Downer Powerpoint presentation - Audio FileSaturday March 5th , 2011

Overview of Day 1 (powerpoint)

Social Economy Research in Labrador

  • Food Sharing Networks and the Social Economy of the Innu Food Nation.  Damian Castro, Memorial University of Newfoundland  Powerpoint presentation and Audio File
  • Understanding the Social Economy Concept of Inuit Communities. Thierry Rodon, Carleton University  Powerpoint Presentation and Audio File
  • Mining and the Social Economy In Labrador and Northern Quebec - Panel - Powerpoint Presentation
    • Arn Keeling, Memorial University of Newfoundland 
    • John Thistle, Labrador Institute
    • Jane Hammond, Memorial University of Newfoundland
    • Understanding the indigenous engagements with historical and contemporary mineral extraction at Schefferville, QC.  Jean Sebastien Boutet, Memorial University of Newfoundland 
  • Building the Social Economy using the Innovative Potential of Place. Doug Lionais, Cape Breton University.  Powerpoint presentation and Audio File

Summary of Group Discussions

Supports for the Social Economy - the National Context . David Daughton, CCEDNet (audio file) (Powerpoint presentation)
Advancing the Social Economy in Labrador: Next Steps. Chris Southcott (audio file)

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