Northwest Territories' Co-operatives

Arctic Co-operatives Limited - Is a service federation that is owned and controlled by 31 community-based Co-operative business enterprises that are located in Nunavut and Northwest Territories.

Arctic Co-operative Development Fund - Arctic Co-operative Development Fund was established in 1986 to provide financial services to Co-operatives across Canada's Arctic. ACDF is a self-managed fund of pooled financial resources, owned and controlled by the Co-operative businesses accessing the capital

Borealis Housing Co-operative - The Borealis Housing Co-Operative consists of 50 housing units. Each housing unit has 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms

Innukshuk Housing Co-operative - The Inukshuk Housing Co-operative is a typical Co-op that works together to meet common needs and to achieve the potential of affordable housing for all members. The Inukshuk Housing Cooperative is managed by its members, its Board of Directors and a part-time Property Coordinator and a Maintenance Coordinator.

Holman Eskimo Co-op - The Holman Eskimo Co-operative was incorporated in 1961 and operates a variety of businesses including a hotel, a retail store, post office, cable tv and fuel delivery services, and a print-making shop and gift store where members sell arts and crafts.

Ikahuk Co-op - The Sachs Harbour cooperative association was incorporated in 1971 and is located on Banks Island in the Northwest Territories. The operations of the Ikahuk Co-op include a retail store, fuel delivery, and property rentals.

Lutslk'e Co-op - We provide groceries, furniture and fuel to the residents of Lutsel K'e. We are your one stop shop for many items

Tli Cho Cooperative Ltd - Owns and operates a community-owned general store in the town of Rae Edzo

Fort Good Hope Co-operative Limited - Fort Good Hope Co-op was incorporated in 1997 and operates a retail facility in the community

Great Bear Co-operative Association Limited - Incorporated in 1963, Great Bear Co-op is located in Deline, which is a Dene community located on Great Bear Lake. The operations of this Co-operative includes a 4500 sq. ft. retail store, fuel delivery and cable television services.

Kapami Co-operative Association Limited - Kapami Co-op is located in Colville Lake; the traditional name of the community is k'AHBA Mi Tuwe (ptarmigan net). The Co-op was incorporated in 1968 and is the only retail store, which includes a post office, available to the people living there.

Tetlit Service Co-operative Limited - Incorporated in 1972, Tetlit Service Co-op operates a retail facility and hotel/restaurant; this includes a conference and cultural centre that displays local artifacts and art. Other businesses operated by this Co-op include fuel delivery, a gas bar, cable television services, a post office and other local services.

Yellowknife Co-operative Limited - Officially incorporated in 1981, this Co-op was first run by volunteer staff. Today it employs more than 70 people in its grocery store, which includes a bakery and deli. The Co-op also has a state-of-the-art gas bar and convenience store. Membership consists of over 4500 families.

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