Independent Projects

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Project 5

Contributions of Volunteering in Outdoor Recreation to the Social Economy in Whitehorse.
Coordinated by Dr. Margaret Johnston, Lakehead University, Carrie McClelland (Masters student);

Project Completed

Project 6

Mining and the Social Economy in the Canadian North
Coordinated by Dr. Arn Keeling, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Jean-Sébastien Boutet (Masters student)


Project 7

Yukon Asset Mapping Project and the Social Economy Coordinated by Dr. Robert Robson, Lakehead University


Project 8

The Relationship of the Social Economy to Community Development and Park Creation: A Case Study in Lutsel K'e, Northwest Territories.
Coordinated by Dr. Raynald Harvey Lemelin, Lakehead University and Nathan Bennett (Masters student)

Project Completed

Project 9

Co-operative Development in the Yukon
Coordinated by Dr. Doug Lionais, Cape Breton University and Kim Hardy (Masters student)

Project Completed

Project 10

The Role of Inuit Land Claim Organizations in the Northern Social Economy  Coordinated by Dr. Thierry Rodon, Universite Laval


Project 11

A Galleria of Co-operatives in the Canadian North
Dr. Ian MacPherson, University of Victoria and Jen Alsop, Carleton University


Project 12

Co-operatives and Economic Development in Pond Inlet, Nunavut 
Dr. Lou Hammond-Ketilson, University of Saskatchewan


Project 13

Language, Place and Governance in Deline, Northwest Territories:
Monitoring Persistence and Change in the Social Economy of a northern Community

Dr Deborah Simmons, University of Manitoba and Sarah Gordon, Indianna University


Project 14 Housing and Homelessness in Labrador Dr. Rebecca Schiff, Labrador Institute and Memorial University of Newfoundland Ongoing


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