Project 7

Yukon Asset Mapping Project and the Social Economy

Research Team

Robert Robson,  Department of Indigenous Learning, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, ON

Christine Spinder,
Yukon Regional Round Table,  Whitehorse, YT

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The Yukon Asset Mapping Project is undertaken in an attempt to assess community assets in the Yukon and further, to identify relationships and networks that create and provide for, healthy and prosperous communities. Working with the Regional Round Table and its member communities, the project will provide not only a snapshot of community and community infrastructure in the territory but it will also define a strategy for the continuing development of community assets. In part, through individual and community asset development, community profiling as well as, the mapping of the special physical characteristics of the Yukon, the project will, as is suggested by the Round Table, "set the stage for informed collaborative economic and social development between communities". It is also hoped that through a thorough assessment of community assets that the project will help the territorial government to identify and address community strengths and challenges and eventually, help to define policy direction. This is particularly true in areas such as land-use and land-use protection, community health, housing, community infrastructure and employment opportunities. Indeed, building upon the strengths of the Yukon community and the work that is well underway in areas such as community health and housing, it is hoped that the Yukon Asset Mapping Project will help to ensure the continued prosperity of the Yukon community.  Initial funding has been provided to give the researchers an opportunity for a preliminary review to examine relationships and aspects relevant to the Social Economy.

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