Project 3a

History of policy initiatives

Research Team

Frances Abele, Carleton University

Sheena Kennedy, Carleton University

Joshua Gladstone, Carleton University
Senada Delic,
School of Public Policy & Administration, Carleton University (Graduate student)  Email:
Tim, O'Loan, MA student in Canadian Studies,  School of Canadian Studies, Carleton University  (Graduate Student) Email: 

Project Description

The northern social economy predates contact between Indigenous peoples and those who came, starting in the 17th century, to explore, trade, convert and settle. With the arrival of the migrants from Europe and elsewhere, a process of change in the northern social economy began, accelerating through the twentieth century.  A major agent of change was the federal state. This project, framed as a history of policy initiatives, analyzes the role of the federal and then territorial states in shaping the social economies of the variously sized communities of northern Canada.


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