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Evolution of the Social Economy in Yellowknife

Project updates:

(May 2010): State and Society in a Northern Capital: Yellowknife's Social Economy in Hard Times

(February 2011): Yellowknife's Voluntary and Non-Profit Sector: A Portrait of A Northern Social Economy


PowerPoint Presentation: SABINeditsFeb2011.pdf

Research Team

Frances Abele, Carleton Centre for Community Innovation, Faculty of Public Affairs, Carleton University  frances_abele @
Jerald Sabin, Carleton Centre for Community Innovation, Carleton University; graduate student at University of Toronto

Project Description

This project looks at the evolution of the social economy in Yellowknife, NWT, and will encompass its overlapping lives as an Aboriginal territory, a mining town, and a government centre. This research examines the development of Yellowknife's social economy and its relationship to regional, territorial, and federal policy changes. The research in Yellowknife will contribute to the graduate student's own research program, and it will add to work already begun, by the graduate student and the principal investigator, on the particular evolution of the social economy in the North's few cities.The field research in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, in summer 2009.

Abstract for the Canadian Political Science Association Conference June 2010

State and Society in a Northern Capital: Yellowknife's Voluntary Sector

This paper examines the role of federal and territorial states in the recent evolution of Yellowknife's formal voluntary and non-profit sector. Yellowknife's third sector is remarkably large, well-organized, and diverse. In this paper we ask what impact the federal, territorial, and municipal governments have had on the composition, size, and organizational health of the sector over the past ten years. It has four objectives: (1) to produce a typology of formal voluntary and non-profit sector organizations operating in Yellowknife; (2) to catalogue the distinct operational challenges facing this sector; (3) to analyze the political and policy decisions at the territorial and municipal level which have shaped the sector recently; and (4) to posit potential policy solutions at both levels to alleviate these challenges. This paper draws upon the emerging literature on the northern social economy, and will contribute a case study on a significant policy area in the Northwest Territories. It is part of a larger project on the role of the state in the northern social economy.


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