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  • This first issue of the SERNNoCA Newsletter (May, 2007) outlines the goals of the Social Economy Research Network, gives recent research updates, lists upcoming events and activities and provides contact information for the research coordinators and partners. Contact information regarding funding for related projects is also listed.

Brochure is an informative outline of SERNNoCA and can be found HERE 

The Poster Presentation is another useful resource outlining SERNNoCA's goals and was used at the ICA Research Forum -CASC Conference- ACE Insititute in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan this May.

The Northern Review (Spring 2009) - Special Collection: The Social Economy of Northern Canada
The Northern Review, a peer-reviewed journal with a northern focus, has published it's spring issue devoted to the social economy of northern Canada. For a copy of this issue please contact vwalker@yukoncollege.yk.ca.


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