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Presentation by Valoree Walker at the Association of Nonprofits and Social Economy Research (ANSER) Conference in Montreal, June 3, 2010. 

"Regional Differences in the Social Economy in Northern Canada"

Presentation by Nick Falvo at the ACUNS and IPY Student Conference held in Whitehorse Oct 2-5, 2009 Presentation of Nick Falvo -

"Homelessness and Affordable Housing in the Northwest Territories"

Presentation on the Social Economy by Chris Southcott - Dawson City workshop, June 10, 2009

Powerpoint Presentation (pdf version)
Session notes (pdf version)


Presentation on the Social Economy by Chris Southcott - Inuvik Community Forum, June 9, 2009

Powerpoint Presentation (pdf version)
Session notes (pdf Version)

Presentation by Dr. Doug Lionais and Kim Hardy in Ottawa, ON  May, 2009 "Co-operation in the North: Understanding the Co-operative Experience in the Yukon"

Powerpoint presentation (pdf version) presenter's notes included

Presentation by Harvey Lemelin and Nathan Bennett from School of Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism held at Yukon College on January 29th, 2009.  "The Relationship of the Social Economy to Community Development and Park Creation: A Case Study in Lutsel K'e, Northwest Territories."

Powerpoint presentation 
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Presentations at the SERNNoCa Social Economy Research Forum in Ottawa, ON November 28, 2008

  1. Introduction - Chris Southcott, Lakehead University
  2. A Profile of the Social Economy in Northern Canada - Chris Southcott, Lakehead University
  3. The Best Possible Northern Economy - Frances Abele, Carleton University
  4. Indigenous Communities and the Social Economy - David Natcher, University of Saskatchewan
  5. The Role of Inuit Land Claim Organizations in the Northern Social Economy - Thierry Rodon, Univeristy of Laval

SERNNoCaPowerPoint presentation - David Natcher at an information workshop at the Labrador Institute on Nov 14, 2007.

Presentation by Carrie McClelland at Yukon College June 10, 2008 - "Get involved: The contributions of volunteering in outdoor recreation to individual and community well-being"

Volunteers play a significant role in providing important services to a community.  These services create opportunities for community members to participate in a variety of activities and offer numerous benefits for the individual volunteer.  This study investigates the views of volunteers in outdoor recreation regarding their contributions to community and personal well-being, explored within a social economy framework in order to effectively understand the place of volunteering in community processes.

SERNNoCa Presentation - Valoree Walker at the Association for Nonprofit and Social Economy Research (ANSER) conference at Congress 2008 in Vancouver, BC  June 4-6, 2008.

CIRIEC Conference presentations, October 2007- Abstracts

Workshop in Yellowknife - September 26, 2007 (power point presentations)


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