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Featured Items

Indigenous Economies, Theories of Subsistence, and Women  Exploring the Social Economy Model for Indigenous Governance. 
by Rauna Kuokkanen.  American Indian Quarterly.  April 1, 2011.

Building Human Resource Resilience in the Yukon Nonprofit Sector. 
Ann Bowen.  Report for partial fulfillment of Masters requirement Royal Roads University. April 2011
Graduate research paper - HR management in the Yukon NGO sector

"Developing Labour Market Information for the Nonprofit Sector" - a report by the HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector, March 2011. Available at

"Social Determinants of Health: The Canadian Facts" - Juha Mikkonen and Dennis Raphael, May 2010. For the full report, go to:

If Women Mattered: The Case for Federally Funded Women-Centred Community Economic Development - a study by the Women's Economic Council  2010

"The Worth of the Social Economy: An International Perspective" - Edited by Marie J. Bouchard, 2010. More information, as well as order forms, are available at:

"The Income Gap Between Aboriginal Peoples and the Rest of Canada" - Daniel Wilson and David Macdonald. Published by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, April 2010. For the full study go to:
Aboriginal Income Gap .


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