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Social Economy and Sustainability Research Network Newsletter - Summer 2010

This summer marks the wrap-up of the ongoing research projects in the Atlantic Node of the Social Economy research. Research partners are pulling together the final threads of our 50+ projects that have been underway since 2005. Final Project Reports for all Atlantic Node projects, along with copies of research outputs are due Aug. 31, 2010, with their website updated this fall with the research products. Over the last 5 years, our community, academic and government partners have participated in many activities. All of our research partners will continue their work in the social economy organizations of Atlantic Canada, in our universities, and in town hall meetings and government boardrooms across the region.
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Community-University Partnerships in Research - The CSE Hub website hosts reflections, links to a number of organisations, and a variety of theoretical and practice (how to) resources on the practice of community-university research partnerships.

Final CSEHub E-Bulletin (June 2010)

Thematic Newsletter Series

New: The Role of the Social Economy in Meeting Diverse Housing Needs (March 2010)

Building a People Centered Economy: Public Policy and the Social Economy (February 2010)


The Canadian Social Economy Hub is now posting e-bulletins on their website in order to provide updates on the work of it and its Nodes.

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