Background Information on the Social Economy

"Living Economics: Canadian Perspectives on the Social Economy, Cooperatives, and Community Economic Development"  2009 
Edited by J.J. McMurtry, York University.
The authors in this new edited volume grapple with the debates, challenges, and opportunities offered by the social economy as Canada experiences rapid changes in the 21st century, be they economic, industrial, environmental, or social.

Published by Emond Montgomery.

Chapters include:

  • Introducing the Social Economy in Theory and Practice (J.J. McMurtry),
  • Co-operatives and the Social Economy in English Canada: Circles of Influence and Experience (Ian MacPherson),
  • The Social Economy in Quebec and Canada: Configurations Past and Present (Yves Vaillancourt),
  • Building the Social Economy Using the Innovative Potential of Place (Doug Lionais and Harvey Johnstone),
  • Educating for the Social Economy (Jorge Sousa),
  • Social Accounting for Sustainability in the Social Economy (Laurie Mook and Jennifer Sumner),
  • Aboriginal Perspectives on the Social Economy (Wanda Wuttunee),
  • Building Bridges with Government: The Social Economy in Practice (Denise Guy and Jen Heneberry)

What is the Social Economy?

Bouchard, Marie J., et al. (2006).Database on social economy organizations: The qualification criteria. Working Papers of the Canada Research Chair on the Social Economy, Research Series no. R-2006-03. Translated by Donna Riley. Available online.

Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Dialogue Spring 2009 - "The Emerging Social Economy: A Different Kind of Currency"

Strengthening Canada Communities
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