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CANARIE and the Yukon Research Centre are jointly hosting a one-day event at the Westmark Whitehorse, Monday, November 4, 2013.

The morning-to-lunch (9 AM to noon) session will be by invitation only. Peter Wilenius of CANARIE will speak about his organization’s long-standing contribution to research and education services in Yukon. Rick Steele will speak about YRC’s role as Yukon’s CANARIE partner, providing IT services for local research and education agencies.

The keynote event will be the presentation of some important weather data, culled from the archival log books of the White Pass and Yukon Route company from 1902 to 1957. The log books of the way stations for both the rail and steamboat systems have been digitized for the first time. This data represents an important advance in our information about climate regimes in Yukon over a half century, and is likely to be of considerable interest to environmental scientists.

The afternoon session will be a poster event open to the general public, from 1 to 5 PM. Local researchers will be presenting information about their various environmental projects in Yukon. We encourage people to attend this event to get a better understanding of the remarkable range and expertise of environmental projects being carried out by the local research community.

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