The Yukon Research Centre is CANARIE’s Network Regional Partner, a not-for-profit network that provides technology services to Yukon’s research and education community and connects researchers, educators and innovators to the world-wide advanced research network.


As Yukon’s Network Regional Partner with CANARIE, Canada’s Advanced Research and Innovation Network the Yukon Research Centre is striving to bring added value to the Territory’s research and education community. To this end the Yukon Research Centre has established the following organizational goals for the current three year mandate:

Goal 1: Whitehorse Region

Increase the technology based research services that are available to researchers, educators and innovators in the Whitehorse area.

YRC-Tech-Services-01The Yukon Research Centre currently administers connectivity to the CANARIE network and provides technology based research services to help local researchers, educators and innovators contribute to social and economic prosperity in Yukon. For a description of available services see Services.

As opportunities arise to share resources the Yukon Research Centre will provide additional technology services and research tools. For a description of potential technology services that can be developed for Yukon organizations with a research mandate see More Services.

Future research services will be prioritized on the basis of identified need. To ensure your priorities for additional research services are known to us a customer survey is available for review. Your answers will guide us into the future so please review the list of research services and take a moment to fill out the Survey Questionnaire.

Goal 2: Yukon Communities

Extend CANARIE network services to community campuses in rural Yukon.

The CANARIE network connection currently terminates in Whitehorse. Technology services provided to local researchers and educators through the CANARIE network are not available to community campuses in rural Yukon.YRC-Ntwk-Services-01

The CANARIE Network Alliance Infrastructure (NAI) Program is a competitive funding source exclusively available to CANARIE’s Network Regional Partners. The program is designed to ensure that the provincial and territorial networks remain current by financially supporting initiatives to extend the reach of the provincial and territorial networks to more institutions.

During the current three year mandate the Yukon Research Centre will submit a funding proposal to CANARIE’s NAI program for financial support to extend CANARIE network connectivity to community campuses in rural Yukon.

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