The Yukon Research Centre Data Server (YRC Data Server) is a technology resource that is available to Yukon researchers and educators for storing and disseminating environmental information relevant to the Yukon Territory.

The YRC Data Server is to be used for research and educational purposes without any fee or cost and as such it is expected that these resources will be used in a responsible manner. Policies have been developed to cover the following operational aspects of the YRC Data Server:

  • Acceptable Use—general terms that apply to anyone using the YRC Data Server for any reason,
  • Data Hosting—providing a data repository for environmental information collected in Yukon,
  • Data Protection—restricting and permitting access to embargoed Datasets,
  • Data Dissemination—distributing Metadata (catalogue references) and publicly available Datasets that are hosted on the YRC Data Server,
  • Privacy Protection—complying with federal regulations for privacy protection,
  • Incident Reporting—reporting problems and responding to them as appropriate

The following policies are available for review in draft form:

Acceptable Use Policy

This is the umbrella policy with general terms and conditions governing the use of the YRC Data Server. This policy applies to anyone using the YRC Data Server for any reason.

Read the Acceptable Use Policy »

Data Hosting Agreement

This is a binding agreement between the Yukon Research Centre and any organization or individual that wishes to deposit data on the YRC Data Server. This agreement is used for both types of hosting arrangements, publicly available Datasets and embargoed Datasets.

Read the Data Hosting Agreement »

Restricted Access Agreement

This agreement applies only to embargoed Datasets. It provides Yukon Research Centre and the Data Owner a coordinated process for controlling access to embargoed Datasets. The agreement requires that all collaborators wanting access to an embargoed Dataset be identified along with the primary Data User.

Read the Restricted Access Agreement »

Incident Reporting Procedure

This policy and form has been adapted from the AS-22 Emergency Response – Incident Reporting Policy currently in use at Yukon College. The policy holder is Administrative Services and the policy is currently up for review. A request has been made to Administrative Services to consider adding “Copyright Infringement” as an additional type of incident that could be reported through this process.

Read the Incident Reporting Procedure »

View the Incident Report Form »

Privacy Policy

This policy is a copy of the Privacy Policy currently approved and in use at Yukon College.

Read the Privacy Policy »


All policies will remain in draft form until approved.

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