The Yukon Research Centre (YRC) supports research, education and innovation in the territory through a number of programs and services such as: research funding, laboratory space, support space, a residence for researchers, and logistics support for the common goal to develop collaborative research, innovation and outreach that meet the needs of northerners.

The Centre’s Technology Innovation Program encourages the development of innovative technologies and technology-based capacity in Yukon and has partnered with CANARIE to provide technology services to researchers, educators and innovators in the Yukon region.

YRC-homeThe transformational impact of technology, especially networking technology is far reaching. In 2011, the United Nations described access to the Internet as a basic human right. Yet 30 years ago, this technology did not even exist. Networking technology is now taking on the characteristics of a public utility – available to everyone, and delivered and governed with the public interest in mind.

Global research and innovation are being propelled forward by rapid advances in networking technology along with the development of a global private network that is available to any organization with a research mandate. CANARIE is Canada’s Advanced Research and Innovation Network that connects 1,100 institutions across Canada to the world-wide advanced research network.

The Yukon Research Centre is committed to assisting researchers, educators and innovators contribute to social and economic prosperity in Yukon. As CANARIE’s Network Regional Partner we connect local researchers and innovators to others across Canada and around the world.

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