From brain imaging to star gazing, the capability to visualize something in three dimensions, whether your colleagues are in a different room or a different city promises to open new possibilities for learning through virtual training environments, improved collaboration over long distances, and virtual field trips.

Advanced Collaboration Facilities combine high definition videoconferencing with file sharing technologies and sophisticated video monitors and audio systems to replicate face-to-face interactions and create a virtual life-like experience.

Collaboration and visualization suites feature high definition video conferencing systems, 3 dimensional modeling and stereoscopic or high resolution 3 dimensional projection capabilities. These facilities typically offer SMART board interactive displays as well to create and capture your work in a variety of formats while interactively sharing documents with your colleagues.

A Micro Analytical Facility has been built around a state-of-the-art scanning electron microscope and is designed to be completely controlled from a remote location, which significantly enhances the quality, quantity and ingenuity of the research.

Advanced collaboration facilities represent the latest advancement in technology based research services. These facilities are very expensive to build and open up a world of possibilities for Canadian researcherswhen connected to the CANARIE Network.

Whether you are a researcher, educator, student, staff or faculty, if you have an interest or need for an advanced collaboration facility as part of your education or research activities, please take a moment to fill out the Survey Questionnaire. We need to know what your priorities are for additional research services. Your answers will guide us into the future.

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