Canadian Access Federation is a technology service for members of the Canadian research and higher education communities who are mobile, located away from their home organization, or otherwise in need of trusted access to home-based research services from a remote location.

The service enables staff, students, and faculty to access wireless networks and web-based resources remotely using their home organization log-on credentials and helps to ensure the privacy of personal information in the process by eliminating the need for multiple, password-protected accounts.

Researchers and educators local to Yukon could benefit in many ways from secure wireless access to affiliate universities and research institutions across Canada, such as supporting collaboration with colleagues and providing access to a wider range of research services and technology resources.

The Yukon Research Centre is interested in providing this service to Yukon’s research and education community. If you have an interest or need for remote access to a home network as part of your research activities, please take a moment to fill out the Survey Questionnaire. We need to know what your priorities are for additional research services. Your answers will guide us into the future.

The Canadian Access Federation is made possible with generous support from the CANARIE Network.

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