Cloud computing services may be the future of computing and collaboration. Network access to shared virtual space (group space) enables you to work on any project from anywhere in the world on any device at any time.

Cloud Computing is best described as a “subscription service” whereby the service provider manages all the technology issues and the subscriber accesses their data and programs through a standard Internet browser. This technology is reliant on network services for on-line access to centralized storage and processing resources rather than installing software and storing data on individual workstations.

Using a cloud environment rather than individual workstations means that the resources are centralized. The environment is entirely flexible, use as much or as little computing resources as you need since the applications and data don’t live on any individual computer.

Technology-10The rising demand for technology services from arts, humanities, and social sciences as well as research and education reflects our increasingly digital—and social—world. Cloud based “Group Spaces” are typically equipped with a comprehensive set of social media tools including; blogs, document sharing, discussion forums, photo galleries, wikis, calendars, and the ability to embed other content, including YouTube videos, WordPress blogs, Flickr photo streams and Twitter feeds.

Cloud computing also represents a powerful technology platform for delivering shared research services and solutions for online collaboration, interactive content management and vital data storage to better serve researchers, students, faculty, and staff in Whitehorse and all Yukon communities.

The Yukon Research Centre supports the development of a prototype community cloud to empower innovation and foster social and economic growth. Yukon would benefit from building expertise and gaining experience with this emerging technology to give local researchers and innovators access to high performance computing resources as the need ramps up.

Ideally, this service would provide major benefits to the research and education community, the not-for-profit sector, and organizations that are developing cloud-based technologies that are not yet ready for commercial use or would be impractical to test at commercial rates.

If you have an interest or need for cloud computing services as part of your research or innovative endeavours, please take a moment to fill out the Survey Questionnaire. We need to know what your priorities are for additional research services. Your answers will guide us into the future.

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