The veritable volumes of scientific data that needs to be processed as part of any individual research project can easily overwhelm a single workstation.

Technology-231Distributed computing is a technology service that links several computers together through a network to work on a single problem. Likewise with a distributed database – many computers managing different pieces of one database.

The research and education community in Yukon has demonstrated a need for technology services to process relatively small and medium volumes of data, but is only slowly demonstrating a need for the kind of technology resources required to handle the really big jobs.

The Yukon Research Centre is committed to developing the specialized technology, software, and knowledge expertise for the time when Yukon researchers and innovators demand access to high performance computing resources and the benefits that distributed computing can provide.

If you have an interest or need to process large volumes of data as part of your research or innovative endeavours, please take a moment to fill out the Survey Questionnaire. We need to know what your priorities are for additional research services. Your answers will guide us into the future.

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