Our approach is to pool resources, share services and minimize technology duplication to help educational institutions better serve their students, faculty, staff and communities.

Technology based research services are provided to Yukon’s research and education community with generous support from CANARIE, Canada’s Advance Research and Innovation Network. The Yukon Research Centre is committed to bringing additional technology services and research tools to the territory. As opportunities arise to pool resources and create shared solutions for common technology challenges, additional services will be offered based on available resources and identified need.

The following is a list of technology services and research tools that can be brought to Yukon if there is sufficient interest. To ensure your priorities for additional research services are known to us a survey questionnaire is available. Your answers will guide us into the future, so please review the list of research services and take a moment to fill out the Survey Questionnaire.

For information about technology based research services that are currently available in Yukon, see the Services section.

To learn more about additional technology based research services that can be brought to Yukon, use the top menu bar to navigate the site or choose from the following:


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