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CANARIE and the Yukon Research Centre are jointly hosting a one-day event at the Westmark Whitehorse, Monday, November 4, 2013.

The morning-to-lunch (9 AM to noon) session will be by invitation only. Peter Wilenius of CANARIE will speak about his organization’s long-standing contribution to research and education services in Yukon. Rick Steele will speak about YRC’s role as Yukon’s CANARIE partner, providing IT services for local research and education agencies.

The keynote event will be the presentation of some important weather data, culled from the archival log books of the White Pass and Yukon Route company from 1902 to 1957. The log books of the way stations for both the rail and steamboat systems have been digitized for the first time. This data represents an important advance in our information about climate regimes in Yukon over a half century, and is likely to be of considerable interest to environmental scientists.

The afternoon session will be a poster event open to the general public, from 1 to 5 PM. Local researchers will be presenting information about their various environmental projects in Yukon. We encourage people to attend this event to get a better understanding of the remarkable range and expertise of environmental projects being carried out by the local research community.

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Over the past five years, traffic on the CANARIE network increased 587%, and is expected to increase tenfold within the next five years.

CANARIE’s goal is to help Canadians take advantage of the opportunities that “Big Data” presents by providing advanced networking, software, services, and expertise.

The Hon. Gary Goodyear, Minister of State for Science and Technology delivered the good news himself. CANARIE’s mandate has been renewed for three years and $62M.

For more deltails about news and events read the CANARIE Connections Newsletter- September 2012

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On November 26, 2012, the Yukon Research Centre held it’s second RIC workshop to showcase Yukon research, innovation and commercialization projects in the information technology sector.

The workshop featured keynote speaker, Mr. Norman Fraser Ph.D.
and his Thoughts on Developing an IT Industry Sector in Yukon. For more information about Mr. Fraser or the workshop see the RIC Poster.

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On October 18, 2012 with financial support from CANARIE, Canada’s Advanced Reserch and Innnovation Network, The Yukon Research Centre gathered educators, students and researchers together for a one-day Science Fair. The Chief Medical Officer for Yukon, Brendan Hanley delivered a keynote address on Communicating Research and Surveillance Results Meaningfully & Working with Partners.

For more information see the call for posters – Partnerships in Yukon Science.

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In January 2012, with financial support from CANARIE, Canada’s advaced Research and Innovation Network, The Yukon Research Centre hosted a workshop in Whitehorse for reserchers, educators and innovators. The two day workshop featured presentations on new and innovative products being developed in the north, research services that have come on-line, and a think-tank session in the evening that was well attended.

To learn more about this event read the Research, Innovation and Commercialization Newsletter.