CANARIE is Canada’s Advanced Research and Innovation Network, one of the world’s largest and fastest telecommunications networks dedicated to connecting Canada’s education, research and innovation communities to each other and the world.

CANARIE was created to ensure Canadians could engage in leading-edge research that requires much more network capacity than the commercial Internet can provide and now includes over 19,000 km of fibre-optic cable and a range of programs that advance Canada’s digital infrastructure.

Some programs fund specific research initiatives that promote research collaboration and ease of access to data sets. Other programs promote the expansion of the network across Canada, linking more researchers and innovators to each other and to data and tools.

The CANARIE network connects researchers and innovators in all sectors, from the life sciences to the environment, energy, health, information and communications technologies, automotive, and aerospace and connects Canadian researchers with a number of highly sophisticated “big science” instruments, like synchrotrons, telescopes, particle accelerators, camera and sensor arrays with massive data streams. These links enable Canadians to conduct leading-edge research and collaborate nationally and internationally.

With its 12 provincial and territorial Regional Partners CANARIE connects local research communities to the national network and also acts as Canada’s gateway to more than 100 advanced research networks in 100 countries around the world.

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