The Yukon Research Centre (YRC) is fortunate to be partnered with the Polar Data Catalogue (PDC). Currently, the PDC shares its database of over 1,300 project metadata records with the YRC, and these can be queried through our Metadata Catalogue. Plans are in the works to share the YRC’s Yukon-collected metadata with the PDC as well, which will only expand the audience for Yukon research.

The PDC is a metadata “Discovery Portal” and data repository for Arctic and Antarctic researchers to facilitate the exchange of information about the Canadian Arctic among researchers and other user groups, including northern communities and international programs.

The cryosphere—sea ice, lake ice, river ice, snow cover, frozen ground, and glaciers—plays a significant role in the Earth’s climate system. Canada occupies a unique geographic position on the globe: Almost half of the planet’s northern cryosphere falls within Canada’s territorial boundaries.

Under the current conditions of rapid climate change over northern high latitudes, Canada has an obligation to measure, model and understand the complex relationships between the cryosphere and the Earth’s climate system to provide accurate and timely information on cryospheric variability and change to the public and decision makers.

The wealth of knowledge and data generated by polar research must be managed to ensure and maximize the exchange and accessibility of relevant data and to leave a lasting legacy.

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