Organizations with a research mandate are welcome to connect to the CANARIE Network and harness the power of its partnerships and advanced networks.

CANARIE’s membership spans many types of organizations, industry sectors, scientific disciplines and geographic regions. Networks connected to CANARIE support exploratory research, educational and pre-commercial activities, and provide key backbone infrastructure for emerging applications such as cloud computing, visualization and advanced videoconferencing.

CANARIE works with universities and colleges, private companies, governments, regional and international networking organizations, federal laboratories, granting councils, research institutes, arts and cultural organizations, hospitals and many innovation agencies.

While the connection service is intended primarily for the research and education community, CANARIE’s Network Connection Policy states: “Connections may also be granted to for-profit organizations provided that use of the CANARIE infrastructure is for non-profit purposes or to the benefit of non-profit organizations.”

There is no direct fee for use, though member organizations pay an annual membership fee. Developing shared solutions to common technology challenges allows institutions to stay focused on the core missions of teaching, learning, and research.

To learn more about connecting to the CANARIE Network or to apply for CANARIE Network connectivity, please contact: Jason Rayner

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