DAIR is an advanced research and development environment for technology innovators to help entrepreneurs do what they do best – create innovative applications, products and services, without having to build a costly R&D environment.

The Digital Accelerator for Innovation and Research service is provided directly by CANARIE and is intended for Canadian tech companies that are designing and validating new technology products and services and would otherwise have difficulty getting their products to market.

The resources are shared between organizations using cloud-computing infrastructure. Authorized users create development and testing environments via web-based interfaces, command line interfaces, or APIs.

The service is available for small and medium-sized high-tech companies looking for ways to speed time to market for products such as:

  •  Social network analysis
  •  Game based simulations
  •  Scalable notification systems
  •  Mobile applications
  •  Multimedia platforms
  •  IT Security systems


To learn more about the DAIR program see CANARIE Programs

To learn more about connecting to the CANARIE Network see the CANARIE Network Connectivity section.

To subscribe to this service please contact: Jason Rayner

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