Researchers who are gathering environmental information about Yukon are welcome to utilize the Yukon Research Centre’s data hosting service.

Data Hosting is a technology based research service that is available to Yukon researchers who are collecting environmental information relevant to Yukon Territory. This service is new to Yukon and currently includes:YRC-Data-Host-03

  • secure data storage with regular backups,
  • archive-like controls with full histories of file changes,
  • controlled access to sensitive data, and
  • automated data collection from remote sensors.

Organizations and individuals wishing to deposit data on the YRC Data Server are welcome to do so according to the terms and conditions of the Data Hosting Agreement.

Just as important as the data, if not more so, is the metadata that describes the data and the manner in which it was collected. Helping researchers to construct well-formed and descriptive metadata is another service provided by YRC. Once a hosted data set’s metadata has been stored in the system, it can be queried from our own Metadata Catalogue, or through our research network partners, such as the Polar Data Catalogue.

Organizations and individuals wishing to deposit data on the YRC Data Server and restrict access to the data are welcome to do so by completing a Restricted Access Agreement as well.

This agreement applies only to embargoed datasets. It provides Yukon Research Centre and the Data Owner a coordinated process for controlling access to embargoed datasets. The agreement requires that all collaborators wanting access to an embargoed dataset be identified along with the primary Data User.

To learn more or to subscribe to this service contact: Jason Rayner


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