Search the Metadata Catalogue for hundreds of references to environmental datasets relevant to Yukon Territory.

Yukon is a world-class jurisdiction for environmental research. From the Kluane Icefields to the Old Crow Flats, pristine habitats, unique ecosystems, unusual geological formations and a veritable treasure trove of archaeologic digs has made Yukon an exceptional destination for scientific discovery.

For those researchers planning or preparing for a research project in Yukon, the Yukon Territorial Government offers a helpful Guide Book on Scientific Research in Yukon which provides need-to-know information about Yukon’s scientific permitting system, funding sources, and requirements for engaging in research on First Nations settlement lands.

The Metadata Catalogue is a Yukon based research tool containing catalogue references to environmental datasets that have been compiled as a result of scientific research previously performed in Yukon.

Each catalogue reference includes such information as:

  • Location, duration and class of information collected
  • Equipment and methods used to collect data
  • Exceptions, citations and publication references

The range of environmental data that has been collected is as diverse as Yukon itself. Information has been collected and analyzed for such purposes as;

  • Atmospheric modeling in the Kluane Icefields
  • Assessing wind energy potential across Yukon
  • Permafrost measurements
  • Water quality
  • Geological hazards
  • Fire weather monitoring

Cryospheric (ice & snow) data from the polar regions of the world is also available through YRC Data Server metadata catalogue as a result of our partnership with the Polar Data Catalogue.
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