Our approach is to pool resources, share services and minimize technology duplication to help educational institutions better serve their students, faculty, staff and communities. Developing shared solutions to common technology challenges allows institutions to stay focused on the core missions of teaching, learning, and research.

Technology-212Technology based research services are provided by the Yukon Research Centre for the territory’s research and education community and through the CANARIE Network, Canada’s Advance Research and Innovation Network, connects local researchers and educators to 1,100 institutions across Canada as well as the world-wide advanced research network.

These services are primarily for the research and education community, but non-commercial organizations that are engaged in “public good” or have a research mandate such as healthcare institutions as well as other agencies that use the CANARIE infrastructure for non-profit purposes or to the benefit of non-profit organizations can also connect.

There is no direct fee for use, though member organizations pay an annual membership fee. To learn more about the technology based reasearch services that are currently available, use the top menu bar to navigate the site or choose from the following:

Learn More About Getting Connected to the CANARIE Network

Learn More About Yukon’s Catalogue of Environmental Data

Learn More About Storing Your Research Data on the Yukon Research Centre Data Server

Learn More About Booking Time with Cap’n Crunch

Learn More About the Digital Accelerator for Innovation and Research


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